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My day kinda went like this:

When I wake up in the mornings, I can generally only manage one coherent thought before I get to the office. This morning, it was “I want to play with my music looper program”. Ok, fine. I grabbed my laptop. I couldn’t stick it in my briefcase, however, because it in my car and also full of the Giant Podcasting Notebook of Doom-Adjacent Qualities. I found a bag and it almost was big enough to fit my laptop (it’s one of those 21″ dreadnoughts, so “almost” is the best I can honestly do), felt satisfied with that, and trundled off to work with my USB ports sticking all the hell out.

So, I’m at work, using my spare thoughts and smoke breaks to decide just what sort of music I want to make. Should I try remixing Mah Na’, again? Nah, I told myself, why not make it easy? Listen to some Solipsistic NATION, find a song you like, and copy it like the giant talentless thief you are?

Excellent. I haz a plan.

Back upstairs, I discover that all the SN I have left are hip hop shows, which are awesome but way too complicated. I was thinking, maybe, house music? Something dumb and danceable? All my other episodes are on my laptop. Which in under my desk. Rock! I transfer some files and, after many tries, find something that will work for my purposes.

Lunch finally rolls around, and I fire up Looper Dooper and git to working. I have an hour to make something coherent for NaPodPoMo. And I’m working and working and working and what the hell? I have an excellent beat and a cool-ass baseline going, and another half dozen tracks of a trippy-ass space music piece. I can either wrestle out the dance music was honestly trying to make, or accept my odd fate and export some not too bad space music.

Guess which one I picked?

Space 1, yet another creative title, no? It sounds pretty cool, but for whatever reason, when I exported it, something got in the way and the encoding glitched up. I decided it didn’t sound too bad actually, and left it that way. Then I broke into a cold sweat because, while it’s a piece of music full of detunings, noise and other crimes against euphony, it wasn’t perfect. A couple of drinks later, and I’m managing to cope some how.

So, yeah, space music pwned my ass.


from Hyphen, released July 17, 2010




Braindouche! Buffalo, New York

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