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Here’s a little insight into my creative process.

Any time I open up a noisemaker on my computer, all I try to do is find a cool sound. That’s all, and keeping it that simple is harder than you might think. It’s very easy to fall into “trying to make a song” or get caught up in programming a beat or otherwise get distracted by some minutia from discovering great sounds.

My solution is to try to work as fast as possible. That’s why I post a lot of very simple stuff here, and it tends to be thematically singular. I find something nifty, I make it make sounds, and I export the sound before I can give myself a chance to fuck it up.

Tonight’s track is an excellent example. It’s just a kick, a clap and a hihat, two of which are processed, and fiddled around with in a step sequencer and sent straight to mp3. Cool, huh?


from Hyphen, released July 17, 2010




Braindouche! Buffalo, New York

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