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So, I’m editing voice tracks the other day, and one comes through completely mangled. All noise. I don’t know what happened, and neither does the guy who recorded it, but once that was resolved, I listened to the ruined track again. It was interesting noise, if you can believe that. (If you listen to this podcast, you’ll probably believe anything.) So I says to the guy, I’m keeping this track for Braindouche!, it’s interesting noise and I’ll make something out of it.

This is the result.If you’ve been listening a long time, you’re probably familiar with Instant Space Orchestra, an ambient piece I did a couple of years ago. This piece is essentially the same sort of music, using the same techniques, but with a couple of extra years of experience and some additional tools at my disposal.

Oh, the title? The original source track is a bunch of lines for a character named Shirley.

Also, I realize the track is probably a little too long, and I didn’t trim the silent lead in. Considering this is basically a one-note fugue, I’m just going to call it minimalism and move on.

All in all, I’d call this a couple of hours very well spent.


from Hyphen, released July 17, 2010




Braindouche! Buffalo, New York

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